Power your website with premium hosting features

Get a fast and secure website backed by a premium infrastructure. Kinsta’s industry-leading integrations and developer-friendly features deliver incredible value and results. Time and money saved on your end. Learn about Kinsta’s features below, or test them for yourself now.

Your enterprise partner for large-scale needs

  • Top-tier infrastructure with a global presence
  • Custom plans with dedicated virtual machines, additional PHP workers, and reverse proxy
  • Cloudflare enterprise-grade protection
  • 24/7 support from experts

Grow your agency with Kinsta

  • Unlimited free migrations
  • Free hosting for your agency site
  • White-labelled Clear Cache plugin
  • Competitive pricing for bulk hosting
  • Reseller and affiliate programs
  • Listing in our Agency Directory

Boost your revenue with faster hosting

  • Get better search engine rankings with a faster site
  • Server-level caching and HTTP/3-enabled CDN
  • Protect your store and reputation with firewall and DDoS protection from Cloudflare
  • Scale visits, disk space, and CDN for high-traffic seasons

Grow a global audience with Kinsta

  • Better search ranking with improved site speed
  • Automated and on-demand backups
  • Fast Content Delivery Network with a presence in 200+ cities
  • Easy-to-manage MyKinsta hosting dashboard

Hosting technology built for developers

  • Ubuntu, PHP 8.1, Nginx, HTTP/3, and MariaDB, your sites will be able to handle high traffic spikes with ease.
  • Kinsta APM for troubleshooting your code
  • DevKinsta local development integration
  • Selective push from staging to control your development workflows

Build your business on a solid foundation

  • Uptime monitoring and proactive security
  • Peace of mind with automated backups and 24/7 expert support
  • Automated plugin and theme management so you can save time
  • Free migrations and 30-day money-back guarantee

A great experience for your site members

  • Advanced hosting infrastructure for a great end-user experience
  • Compatible with Multisite, BuddyPress, bbPress, and more WordPress plugins
  • Extra disk space, PHP workers, and more are available as add-ons
  • Detailed analytics including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance data

Advanced hosting for multisite instances

  • 34 data centers to choose from and a CDN with 200+ PoP.
  • Seamless site management with the intuitive MyKinsta dashboard
  • One-click migration and environment cloning
  • Multi-site domain mapping and multi-user management

Dependable hosting for learning institutions

  • Dependable hosting for learning institutions
  • Easy-to-scale infrastructure and flexible plans
  • Multi-user access and site management tools
  • 非营利组织特别折扣


  • 快速托管,提供卓越的学生体验
  • 功能强大的附加组件,可满足扩展站点的需要
  • 兼容多种WordPress LMS插件
  • 详细分析和资源管理


  • 注册慈善机构享受15%的特别折扣
  • 通过自动备份安全可靠地托管
  • 轻松的团队协作和站点管理
  • 您可以信赖的全天候支持

Grow your business with the features included free of charge in every plan

We know you won’t find this winning combination of features with our competitors. If you’re curious, check out our cost/benefit ratio.

Speed: Improve your website’s performance with the fastest infrastructure

Built on Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network and fastest C2 virtual machines. Designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data.

Our customers see up to 200% in performance improvements, 30% improved latency or 50% better bandwidth.

High-performance unlimited CDN

Speed up content delivery with our HTTP/3-enabled CDN powered by Cloudflare

Simplified website caching

Benefit from the best caching setup for your site. With the fastest server level caching, say goodbye to plugins.

State-of-the-art technology

Nginx, PHP 8.1, LXD, complete software container isolation, MariaDB, Amazon Route 53 premium DNS

Weekly automatic database optimization

We optimize your database weekly so you can sit back and enjoy the performance boost.

Security: Sleep easy knowing your sites are monitored and secured 24/7

A SLA backed 99.9% uptime guarantee and hack free guarantee

Automatic backups

Get automatic daily backups with hourly and external backup add-on options.

Cloudflare DDoS protection and free SSL

Each month we mitigate hundreds of DDoS attacks for our clients’ sites. Automatic SSL certificates with wildcard support covering all subdomains.

Two-factor authentication

Enable authenticator-based 2FA in MyKinsta for extra security.

SFTP / SSH protocols

Secure your data with SFTP and SSH connections (no FTP).

Support: 24/7/365 real-human chat is 30 seconds away

Access our single-tier support system straight from MyKinsta. Available all day, every day (including weekends and holidays).


Get chat support in 5 languages, or make use of our resources and documentation available in 10 languages.

Frequent status checks

Your site is checked every 2 minutes. Should something need attention, our engineers will begin investigating immediately.

In the past 5 years 97% of all support inquiries are solved with customers happy and satisfied

Scalability: Hosting and scaling a WordPress site the right way has never been easy. Until now.

Server resources can scale up or down as needed thanks to state-of-the-art, privately designed hosting configuration.

We handle 1-billion combined visitors and 7-billion combined page views a day with absolute stability and uptime.

Isolated software containers

Each site is isolated with all the resources required to run your site, and hardware resources are allocated to each site container automatically by our virtual machines

MyKinsta Dashboard

Scale visits, disk space, and CDN based on need right from your MyKinsta dashboard

More Storage

Increase the storage space in your plan with the click of a button

Site Management: Save time on repetitive site management tasks

Manage your sites with MyKinsta, a dashboard that prioritizes performance and security

User roles

Assign unlimited company-wide or site-wide user roles to your live and staging sites.

Granular control

Access multiple environments including production, non-production, additional, and template. Add sites with a few clicks, update all plugins and themes, or transfer a site to another company.

PHP versions

Easily change PHP versions. We now offer PHP 8.1 for all environments!


Add your logo to the Kinsta branded parts of your WordPress admin.

Additional Tools: Further Reasons Why You’ll Love Kinsta

Hint? You’ll have total control over your sites!

Staging environment





WP-CLI、SSH、Git、ionCube loader和一键克隆



Screenshot of the APM tool

使用Kinsta APM将WordPress调试减少到分钟




DevKinsta running on a laptop



DevKinsta is available on OSX DevKinsta is available on Windows DevKinsta is available on Linux




顶级谷歌云平台 管理和支付您自己的服务器配置
所有计划中的C2机器 为最好的虚拟机支付额外费用,或满足于较低的性能
包括Cloudflare企业级保护 支付您自己的Cloudflare企业帐户(超过200美元)
Kinsta的应用程序性能监控(APM)工具 为New Relic的应用程序性能监控支付额外费用,或由开发人员为您解决问题
Free SSL certificates Add-on SSL certificates
Free automatic backups Paying extra for a security and backup service
Kinsta’s expert 24/7 support Hours of troubleshooting
Up-to-date software Perform sysadmin tasks and update Nginx, PHP, MariaDB on your own
Regular uptime checks Setup website monitoring and have a recovery plan
Server-level caching Find the best caching solution for your site
Free staging environment Set up a staging environment on your own
MyKinsta website management dashboard Need third-party hosting control panel to get all the features you want. Install extra plugins to perform simple tasks (redirects, geolocation, search and replace). Optimize your MySQL database manually on an ongoing basis.
Seamless integration with DevKinsta, our free local development application Extra steps when deploying local development projects

We love you, you love Kinsta ♥️




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