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Find out how moving to Kinsta could save you $2,400+ a year on site costs.


The Speee name below its logo, a blue circle bisected into two slightly disjointed halves.

“解开一切,为我们带来未来。”这就是 Speee公司,一家总部位于东京的数字转型(DX)公司,致力于业务发展中的数据驱动链接。Speee现在正在广泛扩展其业务活动,如房地产销售和评估服务 Ie Uru公司 以及他们的家居装修公司介绍服务 努里凯,以及其他各种营销DX业务。


  • 行业:数字化转型(营销和房地产)
  • 员工人数:约400人(截至2022年1月)





It costs a lot to develop and operate a CMS in-house. However, since its scope is limited to internal usage within the company, a large return cannot be expected. That inevitability makes it difficult to invest in development and operation.

The second issue was usability.

Even though it was a CMS for internal use, it was essential to have an easy-to-use system in order to rapidly create high-quality content. Yet we lacked strong investment in development after the initial release due to high costs and low return on investment, as mentioned above.

As a result, no system improvements were made after the initial release, and content creators continued to use a very inconvenient UI and infrastructure. Without a doubt, that in turn led to lower-quality content.

Finally, the third issue was that the old CMS became a factor that reduced the stability of our other systems.

Since the CMS we developed in-house was a headless CMS, the actual content display was done by another web application. This web application needed to call the API of the headless CMS, but when this API went down, the entire web application would often go down as collateral damage.

Speee's business R&D listed out in three steps.
Speee’s business R&D.

The Solution

Time for drastic measures to put an end to snowballing costs. The team looked toward a SaaS solution, with Kinsta rising to the top of of possible candidates.

Increased development costs had become a bottleneck, and so we decided to move to SaaS. The question was which SaaS to move to. From our research, we narrowed it down to a couple of candidates, including Kinsta, and there were three great things about Kinsta in particular that we focused on.

First, on Kinsta we can use WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world.

We already had a department in our company that was using WordPress, so we had some familiarity with it. Also, since many people use it for a wide variety of purposes, we recognized that its functionality and scalability are very appealing.

Second, Kinsta’s managed service has a broad reach.

Although it’s easy to get started with WordPress, it’s a headache to keep PHP and WordPress properly up to date. With Kinsta, PHP and WordPress updates can be done with just a few clicks, and CDN and domain management can be done from the UI. These were features we were looking for, as we wanted to focus on content creation and service development.

Third, Kinsta’s price is reasonable for the features.

With all of Kinsta’s rich managed features mentioned above, the price is relatively low compared to the services we were considering.

We chose Kinsta because of its superiority on the above three points in comparison to the competition.

The Result

With the combination of WordPress and Kinsta, their workflow became incredibly smooth. Plus, system stability improved immediately.

First of all, thanks to the switch from our own CMS to WordPress, we are now able to create high-quality content faster. This is thanks in large part to Kinsta’s high-quality UI and system design, as well as the assistance provided by its wide variety of powerful features.

In addition, since WordPress is so widely used, many content creators already have experience using it in the past. Even if they run into problems, solutions are readily available online, which reduces the cost of exposition and research.

The most remarkable thing for us is the stability of Kinsta’s system. Before we moved to Kinsta, every year we had several malfunctions that affected our users, but since migrating to Kinsta, those problems have completely disappeared. This is not only because Kinsta itself is highly stable, but also because the probability of failure has been reduced because we no longer need to link multiple systems through an API.



与室内建筑或IaaS相比,Kinsta提供的WordPress体验是 相同或更好的质量成本的分数或更少 -不仅对于初始构建,而且对于 正在进行的操作. 无论如何,你自己试试吧。
Tarun Gehani

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