Cornershop Creative Moves 110 Sites to Kinsta and Handles 1.2 Million Site Visits Per Month Effectively

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Founded in 2012, Cornershop Creative is an award-winning online services company committed to listening carefully to our nonprofit organizations and small business clients. They focus on helping organizations make the most of the web. Whether your goals are in website design, fundraising, advocacy, sales, or engagement, their team has the technical experience to make it happen!

Based in the U.S. but operated as a fully-distributed team from the outset, they’ve been focusing on WordPress for years, with much of our work for the nonprofit sector focused on integrating the WordPress sites they build with a variety of nonprofit-focused CRM platforms. Cornershop started as a team of three and now has approximately 30 team members, including designers, developers, project managers, and content and SEO experts.

Read our interview below with Ben Byrne, Co-Founder at Cornershop Creative.

The Problem

In our early days, we tried to “meet clients where they were” in terms of hosting, letting them call the shots on where their sites were hosted, since we didn’t want to get into a situation where our clients expected us to be available 24/7 for any hosting issues.

“Over time, though, we found that we were spending too much time learning the idiosyncrasies of too many hosts, so we decided to recommend three different host options depending on the client’s needs. However, even with those “preferred hosts”, we kept running into issues — lots of issues!

Sometimes, we ran into problems with how our slightly-customized base WordPress worked with the host’s infrastructure, for example. Even though these customizations weren’t complicated, they seemed to wreak havoc with some hosts (especially DreamPress).


最终,我们清楚地认识到,我们需要一个单一的主机,它可以看到我们客户群的全部范围,并以我们的非营利客户(包括非常小、非常注重预算的客户)能够负担的价格提供性能托管和巨大支持,同时也能够 处理每月访问量超过100000次的网站。




  • 主持人是否披露技术信息,如 CPU内核或PHP工作者?
  • 主机是否 是否支持git、ssh和wp cli? (这是不可协商的,因为我们使用这些工具来管理部署和更新)
  • 东道国是否支持机构式账户?
  • 主机是否支持多站点?(这并不重要,但需要考虑)
  • 主人提供什么 临时环境?
  • 主持人是否提供 CDN和其他缓存?
  • 主人提供什么 大量的磁盘空间?


Kinsta fared very well in our performance tests, particularly given the price point. From there, it was a matter of working with a sales representative to get our additional questions answered. We eventually narrowed our selections down to Kinsta and Flywheel, and Kinsta’s ability to provide us with full SSH+git access put them over the top.”

The Result

We have been extremely happy with our decision to work with Kinsta, and we currently host over 110 sites on Kinsta, collectively handling over 1.2 million visits per month. In fact I was just Slacking my co-founder the other day: “We’ve made a lot of good decisions over the years here and I feel like Kinsta was one of the better ones.

“Our support team now deals with radically fewer downtime-related issues than with our previous ‘preferred’ hosts.

Kinsta’s chat support is convenient and easy to access, and the support representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. We also found the migration team to be excellent at both communications and with the technical ins-and-outs of migrating more than 60 sites from a variety of hosts (and DNS-management situations) onto Kinsta.

What we couldn’t have anticipated when we first started working with Kinsta around the beginning of 2021 was the changes that Kinsta would be rolling out that continually reinforce what a good decision we made.

Kinsta’s transition to Cloudflare — which was our preferred performance/security proxy before we started working with Kinsta — has been cumbersome at times, but is absolutely the right decision for us and our clients. The 对暂存的改进喜欢 选择性推送,非常好。我们发现销售团队很容易合作,因为我们一直在增加我们的计划能够容纳的站点数量。

我们从Enterprise 1计划开始,现在正在制定一个支持多达150个站点的定制代理计划!我认为,如果没有金斯塔,我们将无法像过去一年那样增长。”



这个 Kinsta博客 是非常有用的资源 不仅仅针对Kinsta平台上的技术文档,还针对WordPress开发。


切换到Kinsta是近10年前创建Cornershop Creative以来,我们做出的最佳决策之一——没有他们,我们的发展速度无法达到现在的水平。
Katie Keith

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